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Unlike other champagne wine fraternities, which confine themselves to the promotion of a particular “cru” or variety of grape, the very special feature of the ORDRE DES COTEAUX DE CHAMPAGNE is that it extols the wines of Champagne in general and in their diversity.

The Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne is the official fraternity of the major Champagne brands. Its mission is to promote the variety, versatility, taste and other unique characteristics that make Champagne wines synonymous with success and celebration everywhere.


The Ordre des Coteaux organizes Chapters, tastings and other activities, spreading the message of the Comité Champagne worldwide through a network of committed supporters who are drawn from all parts of the world – professional restaurateurs and sommeliers, famous connoisseurs, people in show business, politics and the media.



Around 1650 young aristocrats at the court of Louis the XIVth, amongst whom were Mortemart, Ollonne, Brousse and the satirist Saint-Evremont, founded an elegant academy dedicated to good wines. They were all famous wine connoisseurs and were particularly fond of the champagne wines from the three "coteaux" (hillsides) Ay, Avenay and Hautvillers. Hence the name given to this association "Ordre des Coteaux". It disappeared shortly before the revolution.

In 1956 a group of "champenois" led by Roger Gaucher and Francois Tatittinger in particular, who did the historical research, decided to revive the original "Ordre des Coteaux". The first champagne firms to open their doors to the new Order were TAITTINGER, LAURENT-PERRIER, MERCIER and MUMM.

Charles de Saint Evremont



Supported by the champagne industry the "Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne" became an instrument enhancing the image of the champagne business and was able to grow steadily in France and abroad.

In 1992 on the death of the Commandeur Georges Prade, the industry wished for the Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne to play an active role within the new communication program set up by the CIVC and became further involved in the running of the Order.

Since 1956 four thousand members have joined the Order.


The Commandeurs


Commandeur Antoine Roland-Billecart

Year Commandeur
2015 Antoine ROLAND-BILLECART Billecart-Salmon
2013 Fabrice ROSSET Deutz
2011 Michel DRAPPIER Drappier
2009 Pierre-Emmanuel TAITTINGER Taittinger
2007 Pierre CHEVAL Gatinois
2005 Philippe COURT Tattinger
2003 Yves DUMONT Laurent-Perrier
2001 François-Xavier MORA Lanson-Marne et Champagne
1999 Jean-Marie LEFEVRE Pommery
1997 Marc BRUGNON Propriétaire-Récoltant
1995 Claude TAITTINGER Taittinger
1994 Bernard de NONANCOURT Laurent-Perrrier
1993 Yves BENARD Moët et Chandon
1992 Chistian de BILLY Pol Roger
1968 Georges PRADE  
1956 Roger GAUCHER Propriétaire récoltant


The hierarchy











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